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Clearing Rights

& Creator Freedom.

Our Licenses Support / Video Creation / Live Streaming / Metaverse Plots / Open World Video Games / Real World Use /

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Nitrility marketplace preview

Licensing is
a Pain.

No matter what platform you’re on, getting the rights to use music or react to content is nearly impossible. And even when the proper licenses are acquired, 3rd party platforms like Twitch or Instagram have no way to know those licenses exist, so they issue false claims. That’s where we come in. 

The Marketplace.

Nitrility’s marketplace will allow you to purchase individual licenses to use any song, video, logo, movie, and anything else you can possibly imagine, all at the click of a button. Each license is purchased directly from a rightsholder and can be used universally on any of our supported media platforms, including the Metaverse.

Create Your Content.

Once you purchase the proper license, you can download the corresponding content from our marketplace and freely use it in your livestream, video, or even in the Metaverse. Our software sends information to every media platform you use, preventing you from receiving a false claim for licensed content. 

Selling Licenses

& Rights Holders.

Sell the rights to your content in minutes on Nitrility's marketplace, with a greater reach to untapped markets. All brought to you by a simple yet sophisticated software that's here to work for you. 



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compared to normal

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types of supported content

Less than 

5 min

to upload
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Music / Movies / Anime / Inventions / Scripts / No matter what you own we're here to let you sell the rights for it.

Login to
The Marketplace.

Getting started with Nitrility is as easy as can be. Depending on what type of rightsholder you are, whether music or video, we have a login method for you. For example if you own music, simply login with your Spotify account. Once you're logged in we take care of the rest, and in this case give you access to sell licenses for your entire music library in seconds. 

Customize &
Sell Your Rights.

After signing up, listing your content on the marketplace is seamless. We allow you to list your entire library of songs or videos all at once, or you can customize licenses individually for each piece of content. Limit your supply, adjust pricing for different platforms and times of purchase, set terms, and so much more. It’s all completely free. 

Sit back &
Manage Sales.

After you list a license on the marketplace, we’ll give you all the tools you need with all the freedom to use them. Track your license sales and get customized pricing advice for each license. If any of your licenses are improperly used, our system automatically takes care of it. So sit back, relax, and focus on creating and marketing your content.

*We'll be rolling out support in the first year of launch for every type of intellectual property.

Building the Future

& Platform Support.

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Open World

Streaming Platforms

The Future Metaverse

Social Media Platforms

Whether it's the Metaverse, Social Media, or a Video Game, your users should be able to freely use any music, stream any video, and create content built on content. We’re here to allow every platform to provide that experience to its users. At the same time, we’ll help to reduce your copyright issues and enable you to profit in the process. Get in touch and integrate the Nitrility software, completely for free.


Our marketplace is here to support any platform big or small, but ensuring that licenses are used properly is our number one priority. Each platform that wants to use our software will be vetted by our team to verify that a proper copyright reporting system is in place. This system must be capable of two things: firstly, it must allow users to report content for misuse; secondly, it must enforce punishment if misuse is found. Once those conditions are met, we’re good to go. 

Marketplace Integration.

Nitrility’s software is here to provide platforms with accurate information regarding copyright claims. Every time a claim is made on your platform, the information will be sent directly to us, and we’ll check to see if the user, whether a video creator, streamer, or even a plot of land, has a license for that content. Depending on what we discover, we’ll advise you on how to respond to the claim and whether to punish the user. It’s as simple as that. 

Rights Clearing System.

If a claim is sent to us by a platform and the user in question is found to possess the proper license for the content used, our system will do two things: first, it will inform the platform that the user is safe; second, it will give a portion of the license sale to the platform. However, if the user does not possess the proper license, our system will allow the platform to recommend that license to the user to clear the claim. A portion of that sale will also belong to the platform.   

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