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  • When will the marketplace launch?
    Early 2024, Nitrility plans on launching its marketplace. Currently, we are developing our software to be scalable and sustainable across hundreds of various platforms, as well as onboarding artists onto the marketplace before launch.
  • How will the launch work?
    Nitrility will break down its launch into stages for fluency and ease of use. First, we will be onboarding artists and having them list licenses onto the marketplace before we launch, a handful of creators will also beta test this system once we have a substantial portion of platforms integrating our software. After this has been sorted out then we plan on launching it to the public.
  • Plans for expansion?
    Nitrility plans on expanding this new digital licensing standard to every form of intellectual property. Scripts, movies, music, images, voice-overs, logos, where there is a license, there is always a person that needs to authenticate it. After our initial launch, we will make our plan for which fields we will cover, and their respective release dates explicitly clear.


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